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Pepper mill #403, it’s made of copper and has some beautiful brass details on the top and on its base. Equipped with a hundred percent metal mechanism 38mm diameter, with a 3D Cut system, designed to really grind the peppercorns and not just smash them, maximizing its flavor and aroma.
Common pepper mills only smash the peppercorns which severely limits the flavor release.
Adjustable mechanism between fine and coarse grinding to suit your recipe.
Each mill provides plenty of room for you to fill it with your favorite dry seasoning.
Grind directly over the food.

Atlas Copper and Brass Pepper Mill 8"

SKU: 403

    Body diameter 40mm / 1,6″
    Body thickness 1mm / 0.04″
    Height 205mm / 8″
    Weight 520gr
    Use: Pepper

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