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Introducing our captivating Oliver trays, exuding timeless elegance in every detail. Available in a variety of designs, from hand-painted masterpieces to enameled art options, Oliver boasts versatility and charm. Each tray is meticulously finished with enchanting gold detailed accents, including charming gold ball feet that elevate their allure. The Oliver's classic shape and size epitomize enduring beauty, making it a must-have addition to any space. Choose from an array of styles, from bright and fun colors to magical prints and seasonal touches, each adding a special touch to the ambiance they grace. Elevate your decor with Oliver trays and infuse your space with timeless sophistication and personality.

Cane Enameled Oliver Tray - Blue Print

SKU: 849-BL-TR1012_E

    8 x 12 x 1 in (20.3 x 30.5 x 2.5 cm)

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