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Embrace both heritage and innovation with the Claro Cocktail Shaker. This captivating piece seamlessly blends the enchanting charm of Victorian-era embossed glass with contemporary style, making it the perfect statement piece for your home bar.

Sparkling lead-free crystal ensures exceptional clarity and brilliance, showcasing the vibrant colors of your creations. The intricate embossed details add a touch of vintage elegance, while the overall design exudes a distinctively modern feel.

More than just a bar utensil, the Claro Shaker is an experience. Imagine yourself expertly crafting drinks worthy of elite gatherings, the shaker glistening in your hands as you impress your guests. Whether you're hosting a festive party or enjoying a quiet evening at home, this shaker elevates every occasion.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Claro Shaker is semi-handmade, signifying its quality and craftsmanship. Imported from skilled artisans, it embodies a globally-sourced, premium product.

Available in a captivating pink finish, the Claro Shaker adds a touch of personality to your barware collection. And for added convenience, it's dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

Claro Pink Crystal Cocktail Shaker

SKU: 28466
  • Overall Dimensions

    • 2.90L X 2.90W X 8.50H
    • 17oz
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