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Immerse Your Home in Southern Charm with Luxurious Magnolia Leaves

Bring the timeless beauty of magnolia leaves indoors with this captivating piece. Featuring deep green and rich amber tones, these leaves add elegance and depth to any environment, making them a versatile addition to your home decor.

Unleash your creativity:

  • Effortless tablescape: Lay them flat for a stunning natural centerpiece, instantly elevating your dining table or coffee table.
  • Breathtaking arrangements: Incorporate them into floral arrangements, wreaths, or garlands for a touch of Southern charm.
  • Endless possibilities: From mantelpieces to shelves, these leaves add a touch of sophistication wherever you place them.

Product details:

  • Rich, natural tones: Deep green and amber hues create a luxurious and timeless aesthetic.
  • Versatile size: 32" tall, perfect for various decorating applications.
  • Low maintenance: Simply dust with a dry cloth, no watering or special care required.

Grand Magnolia Leaf Stem 32" - Faux Botanical

SKU: K101

    • 34.7 x 11.8 x 5.5 in (88 x 30 x 14 cm)





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