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Total Kitchen Transformation: 3D Visualization, Specification, Contractor Consultations & Beyond

Complimentary 1hr (In-Person) Consultation

Here I will meet with you and walk through your space, discussing your project needs and any questions you may have. I will take measurements on site, in case you wish to proceed with any of the design package options.


Space Planning and Cabinet Layout

Develop a functional layout for the kitchen, optimising the placement of appliances, cabinets, work surfaces  and storage. Includes up to 2x revisions as needed, to ensure the design works with the constructed space.


Budgeting and Cost Estimation

We will have a design meeting to provide an estimated cost of the project. Includes an estimated cost of cabinets, countertops, and other materials to ensure the project stays within your budget.


Detailed Drawings and Plans

I will create detailed floor plans, elevations and 3D cabinetry renderings to visualize the design and facilitate construction.


Material and Finishes Selection

Here I will refine and select materials and finishes of countertops, cabinetry, rangehood, flooring, backsplash, paint, decorative lighting, and stools. Includes 2x shopping trips: one to a stone yard and one to a tile shop. The budget from the Budgeting and Cost Estimation Meeting will be taken into account with material selections.


Concept Development

I will create a design concept based on your input, considering layout, style, colour scheme and overall aesthetics. Includes the style and colour of all materials listed in Step 5. Includes 2x revisions as needed, of the design concept.


Final Design

I will present the final kitchen concept with 3D visualization. The 3D images will include the final selections of the following materials: countertops, cabinetry, rangehood, flooring, backsplash, paint, decorative lighting, and stools.


Specification and Ordering - Cabinets, Countertops and Other Materials

A specification list will be provided detailing the quantity, material, and cost of all materials listed above. Invoicing and purchasing for cabinets, countertops and other materials will also be provided. 


Contractors and Construction

I will collaborate with contractors and builders to ensure proper execution of the design.

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